Annie Cruz (born November 6, 1984)

Cruz was born in Stockton, California, to Filipino parents, who raised her Catholic.
She attended Christian schools until she went to high school, where she was involved in many activities such as cheerleading, drama club, and journalism.

At age 17 she graduated high school in top 5% of her senior class and later moved to San Rafael, California, to attend Dominican University of California where she studied print journalism. She transferred to San Francisco State University in her sophomore year.

Annie has landed her very own radio show on and found her way into the boxing world, training with one of Laila Ali's (Muhammad Ali's daughter) former trainers.

She has since won two boxing matches and is currently undefeated.

In 2006, according to, Annie herself reported that she was in the process of divorcing her (now) ex-husband, Jack Lawrence.